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Currently at this time there are various types of storage systems. Some of these contain network-attached storage, distributed recollection array, permanent magnet disks and optical hard disk drives. However , these storage devices suffer from prevalent processing limitations.

One solution to 55 to utilize a virtual storage program. This remedy provides a single logical safe-keeping system that combines geographically distributed means into a prevalent storage services. The digital storage method is configured to store electronic docs that are recovered from an external system.

Within a typical enactment, the digital storage system includes for least one processor, a plurality of physical storage devices, and a storage web server. In addition , the digital storage program 100 can be connected to a user computing machine.

The wearer’s computing product may be a credit card applicatoin programming user interface (API) that has been specially designed to provide optimum security level for data file storage. It can possibly be a world wide web interface that extrémité with the exterior system.

The processor 124 of the online storage system performs the electronic record copy and conversion experditions. The cpu might be connected to a Random get memory (RAM) module 508. The MEMORY module 508 shops instructions and applications, which may be executed by processor.

The virtual storage space system 95 also includes a internet interface 122, which interfaces with the exterior system on the communication network 80. The internet interface 122 may be an online site that provides secure access to the virtual safe-keeping system 75. The user could access the virtual storage space system 75 directly or perhaps be motivated to copy docs into the online storage space system.