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Our fire features offer a romantic evening accent and a comforting place to warm you in the cool night air.

Pour a glass of wine and snuggle up to a warming outdoor fireplace, or grab some marshmallows and toast them with the kids next to an All Seasons created custom fire pit. We can combine water elements with our fire features as well, to create soothing sounds of bubbling brooks with the hypnotic effect of the dancing flames.

Constructed by our in house craftsmen from the finest in natural stone veneer and brick, these additions to your backyard are gorgeous both day and night.

All Seasons can create units to burn wood, for that rustic campfire atmosphere, or if you don’t care for the natural scent of burning wood, we can build them to use clean burning and economical, natural gas or propane. Just imagine custom stainless steel burners enveloped in fire glass or lava rock, with flames dancing through the surface, mystifying and relaxing your mind while warming your heart.

Our fireplaces and fire pits are the gathering spot in your backyard for all of your friends and family!

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