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Rely on PHTA-Certified Builders at All Seasons Pools & Spas

Consistently ranked among the “Top 50 Builders in the Country” by Pool and Spa News, All Seasons Pools & Spas puts customer satisfaction to heart with every new pool we design and build. Specializing in inground shotcrete pool construction in Orland Park, IL and the surrounding Southwest Chicagoland area, we have over 60 years of experience to ensure everything exceeds your expectations. Not only are we renowned for our award-winning designs, but we also provide pool opening and closing services, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for our loyal customers. Our PHTA (Pool & Hot Tub Alliance)-Certified Building Professionals will work closely with you to ensure every detail of your pool design is crafted around how your family lives, works, and plays. Begin building memories today by requesting a free project quote from a company that has been synonymous with satisfaction since 1954!


Shotcrete pool design


All Seasons award-winning design team works closely with your family to create a plan that includes what's most important to you. Putting years of experience to work, we'll ask you questions, listen to what's important to you, and help you to design the ultimate backyard pool, spa and outdoor living spaces.

Utilizing the latest in 3D design software, our designers can show you how your dream can come to life, while our PHTA Certified Building Professionals ensure that the designs meet all building standards and will stand the test of time!

Shotcrete pool site layout

Site Layout

Our first step of construction will be to mark in your yard, with spray paint and flags, where your pool will be located.

This exciting first step helps you to visualize in your own backyard where everything will be placed.

Shotcrete pool excavation


All Seasons utilizes excavators, skid steers and dump trucks to carefully excavate the area to the requirements of your new pool.

Shotcrete pool framing, steel, and piping

Framing, Steel and Piping

Wood framing sets the overall shape and elevation of the pool. After framing, steel reinforcing rods are shaped to your pool. This reinforcing acts as the 'Skeleton' for your new shotcrete pool's structure.

Rough plumbing and fixtures such as skimmers and light niches are all installed.

Shotcrete pool construction


Skilled craftsmen hand sculpt the pneumatically applied shotcrete as it is sprayed over the steel reinforcing frame.

Your new shotcrete pool is really taking shape!

Shotcrete pool tiling


Once the shotcrete has cured, All Seasons' craftsmen start adding some of your personal touches.

The highest quality waterline tiles are carefully installed. Some of the materials used for these tiles are frost free ceramic, porcelain and as you see in this picture, mosaic glass.

Shotcrete pool coping and decking

Coping and Decking

Coping and decking are two of your selections that have a great influence on the overall look of your new pool and backyard. Materials range from paver brick, quartz, travertine, natural flagstone, dyed or stamped concrete.

Here we have a beautiful bull nose paver brick coping with matching paver brick decking, all installed by All Seasons' in house ICPI Certified paver brick installers!

Shotcrete pool interior finish

Interior Finish

All Seasons' team continues your new pool project by hand finishing the interior with another one of your personal selections, your new pool's aggregate plaster interior finish. Chosen by you from a wide variety of colors and textures, this finish will provide you with years of durable beauty.

The plaster finish provides long lasting beauty and durability, while creating just the right hue of color to the water to accent your overall design.

finished Shotcrete pool

Jump On In, the Water's Perfect!

After filling your new pool with water, all of the control and mechanical systems are tested and water chemistry is balanced.

Through the course of many weeks after construction is complete, our PHTA certified maintenance technicians will visit with you at your pool to provide training, ensuring that the water chemistry is balanced and that all systems are a go.

finished Shotcrete pool

Contact All Seasons Today!

Call or email us today so we can start working on your new backyard and pool design right away!

Just think, you could be coming home everyday to this in your backyard... all it takes is a call to start the ball rolling!

Put Our Award-Winning Design Expertise to Work for You

Similar to concrete, but far stronger and capable of withstanding the elements, shotcrete is an ideal building material in our Midwestern climate. An investment in a shotcrete swimming pool is a long-term one for your family’s backyard enjoyment. Our award-winning design team will work with you during the inground pool design process. We’ll ask you questions about your family’s lifestyle, expectations and budget, to get a better visual of your outdoor living space. Using state-of-the-art 3D design software, we can show you how your new shotcrete swimming pool will look before excavation even begins in your backyard. Our pool designs are innovative and meet all professional building standards to withstand the test of time. If you’re having difficulty visualizing what you want your new pool to look like, we encourage you to browse our shotcrete swimming pool project gallery for inspiration.

Now We’re Ready to Begin Site Layout and Excavation Work

With your design in hand, we’ll start site layout using spray paint and flags to mark the physical location of your new pool. After that, we’ll carefully excavate the area using excavators, skid steers, and dump trucks. Wood framing sets the overall pool shape and elevation. Once the framing is complete, steel reinforcing rods will be shaped to act as the skeleton for your new shotcrete pool’s structure, followed by rough plumbing, skimmers, and light niches at this time. Our skilled craftsmen will then hand-sculpt the pneumatically-applied shotcrete as it’s sprayed over the steel reinforcing framework. Finally, your brand-new shotcrete swimming pool is beginning to take shape!

Installation of Tile, Coping, Decking, & Interior Finishes

Once the shotcrete has had time to cure and harden, we’ll begin installing waterline tiles of the highest quality frost-free ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic glass. Finally, we’ll hand finish the pool’s aggregate plaster interior finish. You’ll be able to choose from various colors and textures to create a long-lasting, durable plaster finish with an aesthetically-pleasing hue of color to accent your pool’s overall design. Our company also specializes in creating custom pool coping and decking, where you’ll choose from paver brick, quartz, travertine, natural flagstone, dyed or stamped concrete to complement your home and the rest of your backyard. The last step is to fill your new pool with water, test all the control and mechanical systems, and ensure the water chemistry has been balanced. Our team will return over the course of several weeks after the pool construction is completed to ensure the water chemistry remains balanced and all systems are a go, educating you on your new backyard resort.

Get a No-Obligation Project Quote or Product Brochure Today

If you’d like to learn more about All Seasons Pools & Spas’ inground shotcrete swimming pools, we encourage you to reach out to us and request our informative product brochures or a project quote. We even have financing options available to those who want to add a little more budget room to their backyard project.

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