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Here’s What Some Satisfied Customers Have to Say

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Mike C.
MAY 2019

“Best Pool Company Ever”

Best pool company ever. In addition to providing regular service and maintenance for years, All Seasons has been able to diagnose and resolve two problems that no one else had a clue how to. Our light stopped working early on. Ed from All Seasons got into his diver Dan outfit and determined the original builder had never properly run the electric line, and the line was never grounded. Ed was able to run a new line using a low voltage light and properly ground it. Has worked great ever since. Years later we had a leak. Appeared to be coming out of an electrical line. Impossible, right? The owner of All Seasons came out the day I called, and was able to determine the problem. Small spray from the pump was hitting a joint in the pipe giving the illusion water was coming from the conduit. He had it repaired in under 24 hours – no charge. WOW. We’ve used these guys for years and they have consistently kept our pool in great shape. And that can be a chore in this climate. Best pool company ever. Thank you All Seasons.

Five star review
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Christine L.
MAY 2019

“Our Family Loves All Seasons”

Our family loves All Seasons and the staff, with my husband and I having an extremely busy work schedules it is reassuring to have trust in the service technicians to do their job properly when we are not home. Mike and Ryan opened our pool, they were polite and attentive to all details, along with a strong knowledge base on pools. We will request the two and recommend to all of our colleagues!

5 Star Rating

Betsy K.
APRIL 2019

“Very Diligent & Professional”

I want to thank All Season Pool & Spa and their staff starting with Melanie who answered my initial call, all my questions and set up my closing, to Jeremy and Gene who came out to do the closing. They to patiently answered all my questions and were very diligent and professional. I am hoping (actually PRAYING) that after three other companies, All Season will be the ONE. Thank you and here’s to next year!!!!

5 Star Rating

Patrick L.
APRIL 2019

“Thank you Steve and All Seasons!

My soon to be wife and I always dreamed of having a hot tub on our deck in the backyard but we didn’t know if it was doable given our unusual electricity and water setups. We went into All Seasons and wound up speaking to Steve about the different brands and setups that could work. Steve was very helpful and talked us through how they could make a hot tub work for us after we explained our situation. We purchased a brand new hot tub, had it installed, and have loved it ever since. Thank you Steve and All Seasons!

5 Star Rating

Linda K.
March 2019

“The Best Company for All Your Pool Needs!”

Over the past 40 years I have been a customer of All Seasons. My interaction began when the owner, Doug, came over to check my pool when I purchased my home. I can not even begin to elaborate on the knowledge, dedication and professionalism of the staff. Dan oversaw the reconstruction of my pool. Tom always is available to help maintain and offer advice regarding new products and proper pool maintenance. Steve provided advice regarding a new system which enables me to enjoy my pool with minimal work. Gina, Maggie, and Larry warmly greet me when I come to the store and are always ready and willing to help. Melanie who is in service is always available during the wine tastings and Alice is the best cook and the sweetest person ever. If you own a pool, All Seasons is the best company to go to for all your pool needs.

5 Star Rating

Jodi N.
FEB 2019

“Excellent Customer Service”

I spent a lot of time researching hot tubs before buying mine. I’m always looking for a good deal, but I’m not willing to sacrifice quality. I looked at warehouses, large chains, and small businesses. I decided on All Season Pools & Spas because of the quality tubs they carry and the EXCELLENT customer service they have. They are not just looking to make a sale, they are looking to have happy customers. My salesman, Tom, not only sold me my tub, but was at my house (in the pouring rain) helping to deliver it. He personally came back a few days later to finish putting on the left and go over the details of how to work the tub, he sat down with me and patiently answered all of my questions (and I had a ton). I am beyond happy with my Caldera Cantabria tub, it is beautiful and amazing to sit it. I am also very happy I made the decision to go with a smaller business that gave me the attention I needed to enjoy my purchase.

5 Star Rating

Debra P.
JAN 2019

“The Best Assistance I’ve Ever Received”

I called today with 3 questions on various pool items and Kelly walked me through everything with no rush. She made sure I was good with the answers she supplied and she willingly stepped away to talk to an expert for some information I needed when she didn’t know the answer. Probably the best assistance I’ve ever received over the phone! It made enough of an impression that I am posting my very first review ever.

5 Star Rating

Carolyn R.
NOV 2018

“Exceptionally Impressed”

I give All Seasons Pools a 5 Star rating out of 5. Their knowledge is exceptional. They have guided me all season keeping my pool crystal clear and chemically balanced. Kristin has been working with me each visit. I am exceptionally impressed with her water chemistry knowledge. She has guided me to crystal clear water and chemically safe water for our small grandbabies. Their pool school also was a very helpful guide, reinforcing the guidance Kristin had set. Their coupons are great and appreciated to receive. Not being a chemist myself, I appreciate the help and guidance to keep our pool not only looking beautiful, but knowing it is very safe for our small babies!

5 Star Rating

Miles M.
OCT 2018

“Their Customer Service is Top Notch”

All Seasons Pools & Spas is by far one of the most professional and flexible organizations out there. Their customer service is top notch and they are always happy to talk to you about your project along the way. Steve sold me my spa and the entire process was by far one of the easiest and most convenient things I have done. His explanation of the work and process put me at instant ease and now I couldn’t be happier for the ending product has become. My home is now my ultimate relaxation zone and truly think it was the best decision I could have made! If you want an easy, professional and convenient experience followed up with instant enjoyment from your pool or spa… Go with these guys!

5 Star Rating

Ward R.
SEP 2018

“Honest, Knowledgeable & Trustworthy”

We recently purchased the Optima spa from Brandon Masters and couldn’t be more thrilled! After lots of research, dry/wet tests, we finally made our decision and are extremely pleased with the overall experience. Throughout the process, we were given a piece of advice that resonated with us and ultimately led to us purchasing our spa at the Pleasant Grove All Seasons location. A wise person said, “You are not simply buying a spa.” They cautioned us to carefully consider who we were purchasing our spa from because we were inevitably going to be doing business with them for years to come via maintenance. This is the single best advice I can pay forward to others reading this review. Brandon Masters is truly the reason we own a Sundance Spa! Sure there are other Sundance dealers in the area. There are other spa dealers with comparable spas, but no other location has Brandon Masters! He is honest, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and goes above and beyond to put his customer’s needs first. We bring our water in weekly to have it tested, and Brandon continues to offer the same impeccable service he has since the first day we met him. I highly recommend if you are in the market for a spa to take some time to pay Brandon a visit.

5 Star Rating

David G.
JUL 2018

“Always Happy to Help with Service or Advice”

I’ve been a customer for 8 years, since buying a used Sundance spa. They are honest, professional, courteous and seem always happy to help with service or advice. I wandered up to get a part yesterday, Memorial day, not realizing they were closing early for the holiday. It was 3:00 and the sign showed they closed at 2:00. Someone inside came and opened up to get me my part when it would have been far easier to let me walk away. THAT is customer service. THAT is why I have been a customer for 8 years.

5 Star Rating

Dave C.
JUNE 2018

“I Highly Recommend Them”

Brad was very helpful in resolving a problem with our Polaris pool sweep vacuum. I had brought it in to All Seasons Pools & Spa for an estimate to repair. But instead, Brad walked me over to his repair bench and to my surprise started talking about and disassembling my vac, replacing the drive belts (one had broken), cleared clogged internal jets, and replaced a worn o-ring. Then he put the vac back together and said ‘that outta do it”. There was no charge for labor and the parts were reasonable. Back to our pool, and the rebuilt Polaris works perfectly. I was given top notch prompt service at minimal expense from a courteous and very knowledgeable staff at All Seasons Pools & Spa. Many thanks to you Brad. I highly recommend them. I went to the one at Douglas Blvd & Sierra College.

5 Star Rating

Mike C.
MAY 2018

“I Love All Seasons!”

I can’t say enough about all seasons!! We have used them for almost 25 years. Yesterday my husband texted me at work and said our pool pump wouldn’t turn on. He tried everything!! So after work we took a ride there and spoke to Gina. She said we needed Tom. He immediately took care of us offering suggestions and even calling the rep for the pump. He told us it appeared we may be close to the end of warranty, but no worries he himself would come over to check it out. An hour later he was there. Believe it on not we apparently have a GFCI breaker outside by the pool equipment. He reset it and it turned on!!!!! It pays to shop locally with a family business!! I love All Seasons! Thank you Tom!

5 Star Rating

Gina S.
MARCH 2018

“They Do It All!”

All Seasons is a great place for backyard renovations, in-ground pools, hot tubs as well pool and spa chemicals, parts and equipment. They do it all! They have free water testing and their staff always helps us figure out what chemicals we need to add to keep our pool problem-free. Make sure you sign up for their email coupons and loyalty rewards program; it will save you a ton of money! They even have free hamburgers and hot dogs on Saturdays during the summer. My kids love getting a bag of free popcorn when we have our water tested too!

5 Star Rating

Sabine R.
NOV 2018

“All the Staff has Been Wonderful!”

I bought a pool for the first time in my life in January for a house that needed to be completely rehabbed. I had no idea that pools should be “opened” in April, so I didn’t call All Seasons until late July when I saw the pool had blackwater – it looked disgusting! Kelli in service was so helpful in setting up the service to get the pool opened and get it functioning properly and maintaining it!! The pool is clean and a sparkling blue! All the staff has been wonderful! But I want to especially recognize Kelli and Eddie who worked hard to get the pool up and running!