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Owning a swimming pool is a great investment for your home and family. However, keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming is important to avoid any health issues, water clarity issues, and general upkeep of the structure and equipment. One of the most important factors in maintaining a clean pool is having an efficient water filtration system. Nowadays, you have plenty of options to choose from, but like almost anything else each system comes with its own sets of benefits and drawbacks. How should you choose the right one? In this blog post, we will discuss different pool water filtration systems and their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Pool Filter?

As an owner of a swimming pool, you likely have heard the term “pool water filtration” at some point. A pool filter is simply a mechanical device that removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants present in pool water. These contaminants may include bacteria, algae, dirt, and inorganic matter that can make your pool water cloudy, dirty, and even harmful to swim in. A pool filter is a critical piece of equipment that ensures your pool water is safe and crystal clear for you and your family to enjoy all summer long.

pool water filtration from all seasons pools and spas incCartridge Filtration System

Cartridge filters are the most common type of filter used in our market today.  They consist of a pleated cartridge inside tank that filters the water. These systems are great at filtering out small particles in the water, and when properly sized, have very little maintenance.  When the pressure rises on a cartridge filter, the cartridges are removed from the filter tank and sprayed down with a garden hose to remove the dirt and debris that was removed from the pool water.  Proper care of any pool filter is imperative to maintain clean, clear, and sanitary water as well as longevity of the media. We recommend chemically treating and cleaning your cartridge filter media at least once per year at the end of the season. Many of our customers have us perform this deep cleaning for them and return their cartridges back to them before the following Spring.

Sand Filtration System

For many years, this was one of the most common types of pool filters. Sand filters have a tank that is filled with sand, and that sand is what filters the water as it passes through. One of the biggest benefits of this system is its ease of use when the filter needs to be cleaned. A sand filter utilizes backwashing to get rid of the debris that has been filtered out of the pool water.  However, sand filters aren’t very efficient at removing smaller particles from the water. You will often notice small particles pass through the sand and remain suspended in the water. These particles can be seen by pool owners when they are trying to clean up their water after initially opening it in the spring, after heavy use, or even when the lights are on at night fine particles can be seen floating around even in a “clear” pool.  While regular maintenance for sand filter is as simple as turning a valve to backwash it, the sand in the filter needs to be replaced over time, which can be labor intensive.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filtration System

DE filters are similar to sand filters, but instead of using sand, they use DE powder that adheres to a grid system. These systems filter out smaller particles than sand filtration systems, however, they require the most maintenance of the three filter options. DE filters take out the smallest particles possible and with that they clog up the quickest in turn requiring more cleaning. This filter also requires chemical treatment similar to the cartridge filter and the grids will also eventually needed to be replaced if they are ripped, torn, or fraying. After backwashing a DE filter, new DE needs to be reintroduced into the filter, adding some additional time as well as material costs to its operation.

All Seasons Has All Your Pool and Hot Tub Needs

Choosing the right water filtration system is important to keep your pool clean and safe. We can help you consider your budget, maintenance requirements, and your personal preferences when choosing the right water filtration system for your pool. At All Seasons Pools Spas Inc, we can help you decide which pool water filtration system is right for you. Contact us today at 708-349-2222 to get started!